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Welcome to the SIGGRAPH Arts Review

Editorial by Cynthia Beth Rubin, interim editor

Welcome to the first edition of the SIGGRAPH Arts Review. With the launch of this new publication. . . more


artist feature by Dennis Hlynsky

Lepton is a non linear tool for video dialog, emerging from my collaborations with Daniel Peltz and Chuan Khoo. It started with a simple question: What becomes of video in the context of the multi-cultural space of the World Wide Web? This writing speaks to some of the concerns of web based video practice that resulted in Lepton. more

MaSAI Warriors

commentary by Peter Lunenfeld

As more and more people wire themselves in to the net and upload their work, the cultural as opposed to technical implications of the open source movement will be felt. When large groups of users are able to access powerful universal simulators, you develop what I call “massively synchronous applications of the imagination,” or MaSAI for short. The realm of the imagination encompasses but is not limited to those projects that can be monetized, so MaSAI is less “problem solving” than “situation enabling.”more

The Ancients Used Gods

art and science feature by Alyn Rockwood

. . . It will surprise many to discover that “thinking like a mathematician” means thinking a lot like an artist. In fact, it is not uncommon to encounter mathematicians who prefer to describe themselves as artists, rather than scientists. more

SwanQuake produced by igloo

review by Cynthia Beth Rubin

If the medium is the message, what happens when a work combines media which are so different in their histories that they represent different ways of engaging audiences, and by extension, different ways of thinking and communicating?more